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Sicilian Excellence

Sicilian cannolo represents the essence of our land with its own scents and contradictions among crunchy and soft.


The first cannoleria in Syracuse, "Cannoli del Re" offers the real Sicilian Cannolo filled in front of you with fresh and genuine products at Km0.


The pasty has a cone shape to underline the uniqueness of our production.


You can find our cannoli in the unique store in Syracuse, located in Via dei Picherali at the corner of Duomo Square.



Cannoleria I Cannoli del Re
Short Story of the Sicilian "Cannolo"

The Sicilian “cannolo” originates from an Arab dessert made of ricotta cheese, almonds and honey and rielaborated by the Romans.

It has been handed down by the women in the harem of the castle in Caltanissetta who kept themselves busy cooking due to the continuous absence of their husbands.

The shape of the “cannolo” reminds us of the male organ “against bad luck”.

It is prepared with disks of dough that in origin were rolled on river cane sticks (in Italian piccole canne: cannoli) after which they take their name.

The filling is made of sheep ricotta cheese with addition of sugar, candied fruit, almond, pistachio or has le nut grain sand finally a sprinkle of icing sugar or cinnamon on top. In east Sicily cow ricotta is used for the filling, as it has a more delicate taste.

Our cannoli are craft made according to the antique recipe using ingredients of first quality, they are closed at one end to allow an easy eating,  the new shape now looks like a cornucopia or horn of plenty! Naturally the filling is placed only when the cannolo is sold to allow it to remain nice and crispy.

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