Palazzo Borgia, one of the most beautiful buildings in Ortigia, is at the corner of Via Picherali with Duomo Square in Syracuse.


An inscription on the portal at the entrance reveals that is was built in 1760 by Giuseppe Maria Borgia, baron of Casale, over the base of an old patrice house dated back to the time of King Martino of Aragona. Its current style is the result of the refurbishment of the existing aragonian palace dated 1396; some traces of the old palace are still visible in the Dammusi at ground floor.


The stem on the portal shows a golden bull with an eight rays star above, between two kites; in the second half a light blue background with three golden stripes (the weapon of Borgias).


Frescos and temperas of the Piano Nobile have been carefully restored highlighting the great historic artistic value.