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Marriage represents one of the most meaningful moments of everybody's life.


A unique event reflecting the world of the spouses, their tastes and feelings.

That is why it is not enough to think of a white wedding dress, but it is important to deep dive into the dream of every spouse, in the magic of a union and a memorable date.


Every detail will contribute to create this image; every colour, flavour, taste, sensation from Ortygia to Duomo Square and Palazzo Borgia del Casale. 


Tell us your dream and describe your ideal wedding; we are going to create it together within our frame. Our expert staff will suggest you the most appropriate solutions as well as refined and surprising settings.


No matter if it will be a ceremony with few intimate guests or a large event. The saloons of Piano Nobile can accommodate up to 80 seated persons, or 120 persons served with buffet. 


The preciousness of a ballroom facing Duomo Square will make your wedding an unforgettable one.



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